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Feeling Down? Get Up & Do Something! 20 Ideas

Posted by on May 1, 2017 at 4:45 PM

When you're feeling depressed usually nothing will improve your mood or cheer you up. You have no motivation, all you want to do is lay in bed and let you mind loose thinking how bad things are and how much worse they can get.

Will overthinking help you feel any better? Probably not. Will doing absolutely nothing help you feel any better or fix the situation? Probably not. Your mind is working overtime thinking negatively except what you CAN do to make things better. Then what can you to begin feeling a little better?

Here are 30 ideas of activities which you can start doing that will improve your mood. Set a daily intention. Start small. Get up from bed and try one today. Here are some ideas to help brighten your day....

-Listen to music, write the lyrics, then sing loudly, no matter how ridiculous you sound

- Go outside during the day, sit down, feel the warmth on your skin, notice the beauty of the sky, the clouds trees, and listen to the birds sing

- Go to the beach, walk barefoot on the sand, feel the sand between your toes as you look for sea shells on the water shore

- Help someone out, share a meal, call a friend and ask if they need some help, carry someone's groceries, help and elderly cross the street or open a door

- Read a magazine, look for pictures or words that catch your attention and create a vision board

- Fix something at home, loook around for little things that need to be fixed

- Go online, search for different activities or clubs going on around where you are for example book clubs, exercise classes, social gatherings

- start a garden, plant different seeds, tend to it daily and watch different seeds blossom

- Call a few friends, invite them over for snacks, coffee, or dinner

- Cook a healthy lunch or dinner, smell the different spices you cook with, feel the different textures of the veggies, steaks, feel the temperature of the different items as you prepare to cook them

- walk around the block, look around and find different things that you had never noticed before

- Smile, softly, then a big smile, smile again and again

- Draw stick figures of yourself, your family, your friends. Try drawing a dog, a cat, a bunny.

- Look for old pictures, remember old times and memories and create a memory album

- Make a list of positive qualities, things you are grateful for, dreams, or hopes

- Attend church regardless of denomination and allow yourself to sit there in silence,observe and listen to a service

- Watch funny movies, stand up comedy, or anything humorous. Just laugh, laugh a lot.

- Learn a new language, listen closely to the pronounciation, repeat the sounds as best as you can

- Serve yourself a glass of water, take a sip, focus on the temperature of the water, the taste, pay attention when you swallow and focus on it as it flows through your body

- Take a deep breath, inhale the good, exhale the bad and remember everything will get better shortly.

These are just 20 ideas. Depression can become a downward spiral if you get up and get active no matter how much you mind tells you "no" your depression will spiral upward into who knows....happiness?

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