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What's The Deal With Mindfulness!

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Our minds main job is to create thoughts, all day, all night, and endlessly. Minds are very good at hijacking our attention and taking us into the future, the past, the "what if's" and dragging us deep into the hole of misery and pain. Have you ever been talking to someone but your mind has made so many comments you lost track of the conversation and were unable to reply? Or have you ever been driving and realized you passed the street you had to turn on because you were caught up in your t...

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25 ideas to help you manage stress

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It’s life, who doesn’t have stress? Stress comes in many forms and enters our lives in many different ways. Everyone knows it and feels it at one time or another. Stress can be good or bad. It’s good when it motivates you to do something; it pushes you to work harder or do better. But passed beyond the “perfect” point, it can begin to affect your health and your ability to do well and make decisions.

Some people use emotions to...

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