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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Get educated! Get tested! Get involved! Get treated!

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"What I do to prevent spreading HIV is do my best to stay off drugs, go to groups and talk to others. At first, they look at me like if I'm crazy, but then they tell me how much I helped them by being open about my HIV status and saying my story. I feel accepted." ~N.A.~


The HIV epidemic is serious nationwide. Everyone should be mindful of the effects HIV has on the population and how some ethnic groups are more a...

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Bananas Infected With HIV - FALSE and HIV FACTS

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While scrolling through Facebook, some people's primary source of news, I noticed a post several Facebook friends were sharing. The post was a news article warning people about HIV-infected bananas being sold all over Mexico.

DE ULTIMO MINUTO-Detectan Mas de 1 Millon de Platanos Infectados con SIDA.In English, LAST MINUTE-It Has Been Detected that 1 Million Bananas Are Infected With HIV.

 People, let's get educated on the facts about HIV and how HIV is transmitted. Let try n...

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HIV and Prevention

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There are about 50,000 new HIV infections reported in the U.S. each year. Florida has risen to the number one spot nationwide. Out of 3,143 counties in the U.S., Florida has two counties in the top 5 with new infections. The counties are Miami in #1, and Ft. Lauderdale #2. New York and San Francisco which were always at the top 10 have gone down to #12 and #29 respectively.

According to the latest statistics reported by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC), In Miami-Dade County, new...

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HIV Support Group

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HIV Support Group

Every Monday 2pm - 4 pm

100 NE 38 Street, Suite 5

Call to reserve your spot...305-576-1599 Ext. 3117

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